Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown comics

Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown comics

Latest Episodes

#111: With Wyatt Doyle of #NewTexture
April 02, 2018

Wyatt Doyle went from writing coverage at a major production company to setting up one of the most important imprints for contemporary literary voices, New Text

#110: Seek the Gurus with Scott Witman
March 19, 2018

Scott Witman's travel blog Seek the Gurus catalogues the trials and tribulations of travel in the mystical (and sometimes dangerous) third world.

#109: Our New Engineer, Makenzie Mizell
March 12, 2018

Makenzie Mizell is the new engineer for most of the shows on the Meltdown Network, so join Matt in a casual chat about fandom from the female perspective.

#108: Chuck D interviewed by Kate Kelton
March 02, 2018

Kate Kelton fills in for Matt in her first solo interview with the legendary, Hall of Fame MC, Chuck D, about his fine art career and Hip Hop origins.

#107: Gallery Submission Protocol
February 26, 2018

Matt and Kate go through all the dos and don'ts of gallery submission on this educational episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy.

#106: Esoteric Hollywood
February 21, 2018

Jay Dyer is the author of Esoteric Hollywood and the co-host of Gaia TV's Hollywood Decoded.

#105: Kate Kelton is a Total Badass
February 12, 2018

Kate Kelton has been an action film lead, a cult series regular, a fine artist and a curator. Kate and Matt discuss the #MeToo movement and escaping the toxic l

#104: A Tale of Two Immigrant Experiences
February 05, 2018

Making it in Hollywood isn't just the American Dream, it's the Global Dream! Actress Melissa Campbell and model Diana Georgie discuss their different immigrant

#103: Breaking into the Young Adult Market with Tom Sniegoski
January 29, 2018

Matt reconnected with friends from Lynn, MA. Childhood pal and mentor, Tom Sniegoski was also one of the Corner Book Store crew, and the first person Matt knew

#102: HYDRA is REAL with Peter Levenda
January 23, 2018

Researcher and author Peter Levenda returns for an in-depth discussion about the real-world roots of Marvel's nefarious Hydra syndicate.