Measuring Up Podcast

Measuring Up Podcast

#022: Special Delivery!

March 11, 2019

All sorts in today's show. Andy's MDF story, how accurate do you need to be in woodworking? Vans vs trucks, roof racks, Are trades people allowed to live in new houses? Bigger workshops, Makers Central, phew... AND we're asking the question, does the hysteria surrounding the dangers of MDF put it in the same bracket as the anti-vaccination and flat-earther brigades? Let's have a chat about it! And of course, don't read the comments - we chat about some of our favourite YouTube comments in the aftershow on Patreon. Access the aftershow at:


* World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality (2010) - Selected Pollutants (PDF download)
* Makers Central 2019
* Colin Furze
* Bob Clagett
* Jimmy DiResta
* Nick Zammeti
* Ainsley at Chalet Le Camigane, Alpe D'Huez
* Music - Silver by Riot

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