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Mornings with Matt

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How to Stop Being Lazy
July 28, 2019

Or watch this on Youtube: How to cure laziness – These techniques give me the motivation to work hard even though I’m lazy by nature. Here are 4 tips to overcome and get rid of laziness: 1 – Pick a huge vision of life. How do I stop laziness? First

How to Get More Clients
July 23, 2019

Watch it on Youtube Here: Need More Customers? – 3 Rules of Client Behavior your Must Know If you’re new to working with clients you might not realize that the most effective rules of customer behavior are counterintuitive.

Stop Being Normal
July 10, 2019

Watch it on Youtube: (A Reminder For Myself) Stop being normal If you want to live outside of the box, stop being normal. The first step is to change your mindset and you can do that by changing your actions little by little.

Failure is an Illusion
July 08, 2019

Check it Out On Youtube: Want to succeed? Get ready to look stupid. In fact, success IS being outside of the norm, so you have to risk embarrassment to do that. And you have to be willing to be embarrassed over and over again – sometimes in big ways –

How to Start a Business
July 07, 2019

In 3 Steps This is How Business Works

Why I Live Simply
July 06, 2019

It might help lower your stress and make you more happy

Free Yourself
July 05, 2019

Check it out on Youtube: Creating Systems and Processes can free you from the mundane things in life. Quick notes on creating systems: 3 Steps: 1) Make Lists. 2) Leverage. 3) Find Underlying Principles What you’re doing is taking non-creative work that...

People Never Change (How to Hire)
July 05, 2019

When your business grows you might have to learn how to work with people. This was really tough for me at first. Especially learning how to hire! My golden rule: hire the person for the position, don’t try to change the person to fit the position.

My Painful Mistake and How to Avoid It
June 28, 2019

Escaping the 9-5 Part 2 In this episode I’ll talk about the biggest mistake I made when starting a small business.

Escape The 9-5, My Story Part 1
June 21, 2019

My own journey – from freelancer, to business owner, to time and life freedom, and beyond. I hope you find this helpful and can use some of it in creating your own life!