Married 2 Business

Married 2 Business

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Episode 24. Kylie and Andrew Chenn- Acanela Expeditions
September 24, 2018

This week Courtney and John chat with Kylie and Andrew Chenn of Acanela Expeditions. Kylie started Acanela Expeditions by selling spices blends from all over the world. Her business has since evolved into experiential travel- taking people all over the...

Episode 23. Teisha and Jeff Hawley
August 25, 2018

Teisha and Jeff Hawley share how they make business and marriage work with a blended family. Bringing an impressive knowledge of SEO, e-commerce and product development the Hawley’s bring Married2Business into the digital age.

Episode 22. Family Vision Process. Live from Cabo!
July 18, 2018

John and Courtney headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in June to reconnect, relax and most importantly, work on their shared family vision. Listen LIVE from Mexico as John and Courtney talk about the importance of carving out time and space to create visi...

Episode 21. Our favorite books of 2018, so far.
July 11, 2018

John and Courtney share their favorite books they have read so far this year. Updated transcript and links to books coming soon (maybe)

Episode 20. John’s Tips on how to work with your spouse
June 11, 2018

John shares his tips with what it takes to work with your spouse. He takes the conversation head on and addresses many of the difficult questions he has been asked from other men. Many men have a barrier that make it difficult for them to work with the...

Episode 19. Courtney’s tips for working with your spouse.
May 28, 2018

The #1 question Courtney and John get in business is “How do you work with your spouse?” So, in episodes 19 & 20 they provide tips on how they make it work. Episode 19 focuses on the 6 tips from  Courtney’s perspective.

Episode 18. We’re Back
May 24, 2018

We took a little break. We had an idea and have been working on it non-stop. It feels good to be back in the studio and share some our favorite stories of what it’s like to work together. We are happy to announce our new business division at Cents of S...

Episode 17. Ryan and Kristi Holt
March 05, 2018

Beware of when the Browns invite you to dinner. John and Courtney pull their dinner guests, Ryan and Kristi Holt, into the studio to discuss being Married2Business. The Holts share what its like when you realize working together is not benefiting your ...

Episode 16. Jennifer and Jon Stagg of Stagg Designs
February 19, 2018

John and Courtney talk with mother, designer, blogger, and broadcast journalist Jen Stagg, and her attorney husband, John, about their new venture, Stagg Design Shop, and how they are making marriage and business work together in entrepreneurship.

Episode 15. Not a Resolution but an Intention
January 22, 2018

Courtney isn’t a big fan of making new years “resolutions”. Instead she focuses on a word or an intention for the year.