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MarketingSherpa Podcast

MarketingSherpa Podcast Episode #1: The role of the human connection in your marketing

November 21, 2018

Marketing and technology go hand-in-hand these days. And the addition of technology has created some incredibly powerful abilities for marketers.


We’re still just human beings trying to get a message out to other human beings.

So what role should that human connection play in your marketing? It’s a topic we cover in MarketingSherpa Podcast Episode #1, in which you’ll hear a spirited discussion between Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Content and Marketing, Rebecca Strally, Director of Optimization and Design, and Austin McCraw, Senior Director of Research Partnerships, all of MECLABS Institute (parent research organization of MarketingSherpa).

A few highlights (timestamps are approximate):

• 2:43 – A nice example from Rebecca about using a picture of an employee to reduce anxiety after a customer has filled out a lead form
• 6:05 – Adding pictures of real employees to landing pages, especially lead gen pages (the case study we mention is here –
• 8:30 – Austin makes an argument that using real images of real people isn’t just a tactic, it could be core to a brand’s value proposition
• 10:13 – We first talked about humanizing marketing with regular employees, now we bring up humanizing the brand by communicating directly from the leader. Austin has some nonprofit examples.
• 16:53 – “The point is you need to test it and find out what works best for your brand.” That’s the core of everything we do at MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute. Hopefully, this provides some ideas and inspiration. But ultimately, different customers will perform differently with different brands. You have to test to see what works best for your unique audience.
• 17:52 – There’s a limit to humanizing copy, and Rebecca explains what it is
• 22:31 – An example of a website redesign where, even when they used stock photos, they made sure the photos were very personal and human, and not artificial feeling. Rebecca gives some great guidelines about what to look for in stock photos that have humanity, like the camera angle for example.
• 30:50 – Most of the episode we spent discussing how to humanize your marketing. But we always want to provide an alternative viewpoint. So here we talk about an example where humanizing your marketing actually caused results to decrease.
• 36:24 – We gave him a hard time for his “become human” slip up, but I do really like this quote from Austin — “The reality is, marketing is all about trying to understand the human on the other side. You've got someone you're trying to communicate with, you're trying to convey value to. The only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you become human yourself and understand the human on the other side.”

Happy (and productive) listening.