The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast Archives - LeadPlan Marketing

The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast Archives - LeadPlan Marketing

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Ep 10: How Mark Wilson grew his audio engineering business using the P5 Marketing Formula
May 09, 2023

In this episode, we dive deep into the success story of Mark Wilson, an audio engineer who went from struggling to get clients to having a thriving business. - Mark shares his journey and the strateg

Ep 9: Maximize an Expo With or Without a Booth
February 28, 2020

Maximize conferences, expos, and other events whether you have a booth or not. Mike and John discuss proven strategies that help you to connect with your prospects. Get a detailed peek behind the scenes as they discuss using these techniques next week...

Ep 8: Influencer Marketing
December 12, 2019

Today's guest is Carl Kuran, founder of Leefy Organics. As you learn about influencer marketing, Carl discusses his success with influencer marketing including a secret: passion over profit. While a large audience doesn't always translate to sales,

Ep 7: The Buyer's Journey
November 11, 2019

John and Mike have an entertaining and accessible conversation about the buyer's journey. What is it, and how do we leverage it for our business? Numerous examples illustrate how this works from the business side as well as the buyer.

Ep 6: Hospitality Marketing
October 30, 2019

John and Mike sit down in-studio with hospitality marketer and entrepreneur Kevin Spagnuolo to discuss connecting great businesses and events with the people that want to enjoy them. Some of Kevin's creations include What's Up Traverse City,

Ep 5: 3 Simple Steps to Generating Leads Using LinkedIn
October 14, 2019

We had a great conversation with LinkedIn expert Raza Imam, bestselling author of a dozen books including LinkedIn Sales Machine. Leverage this Business to Business (B2B) social media giant to foster relationships with qualified prospects that want to...

Ep 4: Key Ingredients of an Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy
October 14, 2019

In-studio this week, search experts AJ and Rocky join John and Mike to discuss what Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is. We'll break down jargon, dive into paid versus organic search, talk about, and practical things you can do. [powerpress]

Ep3: 4 Critical Branding Mistakes That Spell Failure
September 03, 2019

John and Mike talk about 4 of the biggest critical branding mistakes and how to avoid them. They break down and analyse how avoiding these mistakes can save you untold amounts of time and money. Interested in learning more?

Ep 2: The 5 Pillars of Online Sales Conversions
August 14, 2019

John and Mike discuss the 5 pillars of online sales conversion. Our proprietary formula is responsible for driving every marketing strategy we create. There’s also some hot advice on how having a great why the message can keep your wife extremely happy...

Ep 1: What is Marketing?
August 14, 2019

Heres a look at what this podcast is, and where we plan on taking it. We'll also dive right into fundamentals discussion. Are you confusing marketing and advertising? Strategy with tactics? [powerpre