Marital Discussions Podcast

Marital Discussions Podcast

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Episode 6 - The New Studio/House
February 13, 2016

Drew and Grisselle move into a new place and talk briefly about the ups and downs of apartment life. 

Random Boners, Oiled Machinery and Segments
January 13, 2016

We talk about Reddit, Christmas and everything in between. 

Episode 4: Christmas, Dee's Nuts, Trips to Atlanta
November 23, 2015

Oh wow, Thanksgiving is here?

Boobies and Booties on Halloween!
November 02, 2015

Are we too old for sexy Halloween?

Women are like Crockpots, Men are like Microwaves
October 22, 2015

#relationshipgoals #fomo

Episode 1: Why did we even get married?
September 28, 2015

An introduction to who we are and how we feel about marriage vs. dating.