StoriesHere Podcast

StoriesHere Podcast

‘The Future of Museums’ with Elizabeth Merritt

January 25, 2021

With museums facing so many challenges, and opportunities, what a great time to talk with Elizabeth Merritt.  She is the Vice President for Strategic Foresight and Founding Director of the Center for the Future of Museums at the American Alliance of Museums.  

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Show Notes

American Alliance of Museums on Twitter @aamers

Center for the Future of Museums on Twitter @futureofmuseums

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The Umbrella Cover Museum:

Woodlawn Plantation and it’s work with Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

And a blog post from Woodlawn’s director about this work:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program

Museum of Tomorrow, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Blog posts about their AI chatbot IRIS+ :

Facts about America’s Museums

The Dunkleosteus fossil at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History that made me pee my pants as a toddler