Podcast and new media events are a great opportunity to learn about and promote your podcast or new media business. There are many types of events to choose from depending on whether you are a podcaster, an avid listener/viewer, or someone interested in podcasting.

Did someone say expo?

The New Media Expo provides something for everyone. The annual expo allows many of the businesses in the space a chance to demonstrate their products and services. Many well known podcasters and bloggers make appearances and some host sessions and classes. The expos tend to attract many fans and followers as well.

PodCamp, what?

PodCamp is a BarCamp inspired event for podcasters and bloggers to meet and learn from each other. Each PodCamp varies but typically they include tables for sponsors to hand out swag, a commons area for socializing throughout the day and plenty of one-hour sessions where bloggers and podcasters talk about specific topics.

Visit the PodCamp Wiki to see if there is a PodCamp in your neck of the woods.


Podcasting meet-ups are local and/or virtual events. A meet-up can be formed for a variety of purposes. Typically they are for podcasters, but occasionally meet-ups are used as a way for podcasters to connect with their audiences.

Finding a podcast meet-up in your area can be a challenge. Our first recommendation is to visit

Other events

Other similar events may be just as helpful as well, such as Podcast Movement, held in Fort Worth, Texas and South by Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, Texas.

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