Ken Arciga's Manceptional Podcast

Ken Arciga's Manceptional Podcast

035 MBR: “Blitzscaling” by Reid Hoffman

March 15, 2019

MINI-BOOK-REVIEW: First in a series of mini-book reviews where I go over the highlights of books I think will be useful in advancing our skills and mindset.

Today I discuss the main highlights from Reid Hoffman’s book “Blitzscaling.” Reid Hoffman is a billionaire, was the founder and CEO of LInkedIn, is a partner at the famous Greylock Partners in Silicon Valley and has been involved on boards and as an investor in many other famous internet companies like PayPal, AirBnB, Zynga and others, and of course an author. In other words he knows what he’s talking about.

You will be very surprised by some of the advice which seems to go against how you think you should approach starting and growing a business. Some counterintuitive highlights:

* Ignore angry customers* Let fires burn* You should be embarrassed by your first “MVP” - minimum viable product

If you’re thinking about starting up your own app or web service, starting any kind of business, or just curious why you wake up one morning and there are 25 scooters from 5 different brands laying all over the sidewalk—then you should find the tips in this mini-book review useful!

The last couple of years I was building my own app/web service, wish I had followed this advice! Enjoy!-Ken