Ken Arciga's Manceptional Podcast

Ken Arciga's Manceptional Podcast

030: Thirty-Years at Gold’s Gym with Karl List

October 17, 2018

Gold’s Gym is known as “The Mecca of Bodybuilding,” made famous by bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, pictures of whom still adorn the wall to this day among other champions.
Our guest today Karl List has been going to Gold’s Venice for almost 30-years, starting as a winning bodybuilder himself, and eventually morphing into a holistic personal trainer working out of his “office” in the same corner of the gym for over 20-years!

As with people who visit from all over the world, I also noticed Karl in the corner with his homemade training and therapeutic tools derived from gym equipment. By happenstance I had a friend who had worked with Karl in the past, and I subsequently met Karl and had him on the podcast today.

We spoke about many topics spanning from bodybuilding, his L.I.S.T. training system, how the body works, and about being a man.

People from around the world and athletes in the gym are continuously picking his brain—and you get access to him here as we discuss how Karl’s mental outlook, weightlifting experience and curiosity led him to where he is today—a man who has found his passion and expertise, who cares about helping people help themselves and who is pursuing his goal of being the best personal trainer he can be.

In turn he believes his unique training and therapeutic regimen with the tools he has developed at the gym will propagate and benefit the world.

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