How We Manage Stuff

How We Manage Stuff

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Embisivle Friend: Playing the Role
November 08, 2021

Every now and then you need to assess.  Take a look backwards. Ask “who did that character become?”  With this episode, we return to the world of the adult Madison Insullie and see her dealing with ad

Embisivle Friend: Additive Education
October 25, 2021

We’ve lost our faith in books.  We’ve lost faith in texts.   May may have even lost faith in problem sets. Learning by doing.  Learning by interning.  Learning by being mentored.  It’s what you demand

Embisivle Garage
October 11, 2021

Is a statue a startup if it doesn’t start up in a startup garage? In an effort to answer this question, Josh LaForce and the Stage Manager explore the streets of Palo Alto. Cast Josh LaForce – Himself

Embisivle Friend: Securing the Future
September 27, 2021

“Don’t let your kids take capital from strangers.” It’s the warning that parents should give their kids in Silicon Valley.  But parents may reason “if the kids get the investment, could things really

Embisivle Friend: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
September 13, 2021

How does it feel?  They made tup the first stair but not the second.  And who is there to hold them when they fall?  As we follow the story entrepreneurship and innovation, we start the story of a Inv

The Stage Manager Explains Embisivle
September 06, 2021

The show is about the Stage Manager.  Every show is.  So our manager steps up to the microphone in the HWMS auditorium to  explain this Audiodrama Embisivile Friend. Introduction to the next section o

The Embisivle School
August 12, 2021

Out Stage is Silicon Valley. Our actors are titans of Industry.   Some titans.  Fictional titans. And some kids who believe that they are titans and that the earth shudders when they walk. And a dog.

Embisivle Friend: The Job Suits You
July 12, 2021

Career Management.  But it’s more than that.  Manage plans.  Manage hope.  Manage accomplishments.  And here’s the part you didn’t anticipate:  Manage Boyfriend before the boyfriend manages you. An am

Embisivle Friend: I Look Good in Yellow
June 28, 2021

What does it mean to help a friend?  Listen to their problems?  Give unwanted advice? Give them a ride in your yellow car? And what do you do, when they ask you to mentor a troublesome student?  The 6

Embisivle Friend: The Picture Goes Everywhere
June 14, 2021

Where are Mom and Dad?  Any drama that features independent kids have to answer that question.  The reasons are not always pretty but with a little help, they can be “neatened up a bit.” “Neatening” d