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MBA Episode 53: Todd White and the Importance of Trials and Tribulations
September 08, 2020

Welcome to our very first video-formatted podcast! Shoutout to Papa Bear Jerimiah for helping us get it looking so nice. Now you can watch our podcast on YouTube, or you can still listen to it on your favorite podcast app.

MBA Episode 52: Doubting Dawkins – Oh, Nuts! What Do Whale Testicles Have to Do With Evolution?
June 17, 2020

We took a break from our Dawkins series to discuss the racial tensions that have been building in our world (listen here), but we’re back with part 10 of our ongoing talk about Dawkins’s book, Outgrowing God. Today,

MBA Episode 51: We Will Not Be Divided: Grieving with Those Who Grieve, and the Necessary Process of Building Kingdom Community
June 05, 2020

I (Hillary) titled this podcast/blog about a thousand times because I couldn’t quite figure out how to summarize our main message. The messy art of kingdom community? No. I hate the word messy. It’s so misused.

MBA Episode 50: An Interview with Mama Bear Apologetics Founder, Hillary Ferrer
May 13, 2020

Today, we celebrate a very special milestone! This is our 50th podcast episode, and we’ve got something fun for you. We turned the tables on our Mama Bear-in-Chief, and Amy interviewed Hillary Ferrer. This is your chance to learn more about Hillary,

MBA Episode 49: The Unexpected Blessings of COVID
April 23, 2020

Whenever we turn on the TV these days, it feels like we’re being bombarded with bad news. Because of that, we decided to record this “chaser” episode of the Mama Bear Apologetics podcast. While the Covid-19 pandemic is something we should take seriousl...

MBA Episode 48: Doubting Dawkins – No, the Human Eye Isn’t an Example of Bad Design (a Discussion on Design Constraints)
April 06, 2020

In this episode of the Mama Bear Apologetics podcast, we’re continuing our dissection of Richard Dawkins’ book, Outgrowing God, in our Doubting Dawkins series. Today, Hillary and Amy discuss chapters 7 and 8,

MBA Episode 47: The 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Slavery in the Bible
March 23, 2020

In this podcast, we’re wrapping up our discussion of comments made by Richard Dawkins in his book, Outgrowing God, Chapter 6 (regarding whether slavery is advocated in the Bible) by discussing the most commonly asked questions about slavery in the Bibl...

MBA Episode 46: Doubting Dawkins – Does the Bible Advocate Slavery? (Part 2)
March 09, 2020

This is part 2 of our discussion of whether the Bible advocates slavery. You can listen to part one here. Do you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future episodes? Send us an email at

MBA Episode 45: Doubting Dawkins – Does the Bible Advocate Slavery? (Part 1)
February 25, 2020

Today we are continuing with our Richard Dawkins series. As we are preparing for this podcast, we acknowledge it’s a tough book to discuss because he keeps introducing individual hornets’ nests and then moving on to the next.

MBA Episode 44: Doubting Dawkins – Do Christians Think Atheists Can’t Be Good Without God? (Part 2)
February 10, 2020

Today, we are back with Part 5 of our series on Richard Dawkins’s book, Outgrowing God. In this episode, we are tackling Dawkins’s question “Do Christians think Atheists can’t be good without God?” We think he is asking the wrong question.