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Chris Van Vliet
February 16, 2021

This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes a guest that has watched it unfold first hand. Joining Jim this week is Chris Van Vliet to talk new media, Oscars, sports, and so much more.

David Strausser
February 09, 2021

Jim welcomes David Strausser to the show to get his insight and opinion on the very unique economic time that we currently find ourselves.

Game Stop? Rum? Live Calls!
February 02, 2021

It is the monthly open phone lines event this week on The Malliard Report, and I’m sure by now you can guess what one of the primary topics of discussion is. Receiving calls from former guests that are experts in the field,

Nick Redfern
January 26, 2021

Jim welcomes a returning guest that has turned his investigating prowess to uncovering the real events that happened over the course of two nights in December; author, investigator, and UFO truth sleuth, Nick Redfern.

Travis Irvine
January 19, 2021

On this episode, Jim welcomes writer, director, politician, comedian, gubernatorial candidate, provocateur, raccoonteur (yes, raccoonteur) and pundit Travis Irvine to share his varied endeavors, adventures, and cage-rattling commentary.

Allan Stevo
January 12, 2021

Jim welcomes Allan Stevo to the show to discuss, masks, bitcoin, tech, and much more.

Live Calls January 2021
January 05, 2021

On this episode Jim opens up the phone lines for live calls and the audience does not disappoint.

Devon Price
December 29, 2020

Dr. Price does an absolute fantastic job at truly debunking the myth that laziness is just a trait that some people take on, shows that we really need to enjoy the accomplishments from the day, and not focus on the what else we could have done.

Christmas Calls
December 22, 2020

On this episode Jim opens up the phone lines to have the listeners share what their favorite holiday traditions, memories and more. What are some of yours? Reach out to Jim on social media @malliard and share with us!

Shepard Ambellas
December 15, 2020

This is a great episode, and Shepard has truly been on the front lines for the hunt for truth. You can keep up to date with Shepard’s latest over on; there are links to podcasts, articles, and much more.