Making a Marketer

Making a Marketer

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Episode 7: Marketing a Startup
December 08, 2017

Join host Megan Powers as she welcomes her event industry professional guests: Scott Vitale – Founder and CEO of Spigot Labs Spigot Labs’ product uses RFID to streamline how you attend, organize, and engage at job fairs, conferences,

Episode 6: Marketing a Unique Event
November 03, 2017

Join host Megan Powers, Elizabeth Glau and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests: Liz Lathan – Program Director, IBM Analytics & Hybrid Cloud Marketing Events, and a founding partner of Haute Dokimazo – a new kind of event conference.

Episode 5: Marketers on Event Marketing
October 20, 2017

Join host Megan Powers and her Event Marketing professional guests: Nick Borelli – President, Borelli Strategies. Nick is an event marketing consultant, providing eventprofs with strategies to market their events more successfully.

Episode 4: We Learn How to “TwitterSmarter” with the Top Twitter Pro
October 06, 2017

The 4th episode of the Making a Marketer show is all about Twitter, sharing best practices, and even some hidden treasures you might not have known about. Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guest:...

Episode 3: The LinkedIn Conversation
September 24, 2017

The third episode is our first of the mid-month 30-minute shows planned. This one is recorded on Facebook LIVE on the ‘Powers of Marketing’ page. Join crew members Megan Powers and Jen Cole as they talk about LinkedIn — video,

Episode 2: Building Community
September 08, 2017

Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guests: Brian Fanzo – Millennial Keynote Speaker, Founder and CEO at iSocialFanz LLC, Change Evangelist Jessika Phillips – President at NOW Marketing Group,

Episode 1: Social Media and Reputation Management
August 05, 2017

Join host Megan Powers and her crew as they talk with guests Jenn Herman, Kari Embree and Kylene Kaelin about social media, reputation management and more!