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The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2727 - The Post-Thanksgiving Push Towards The Debt Cliff (Again) And A Government Shutdown This Friday
November 29, 2021

Sam and Emma catch up on the big Thanksgiving weekend's worth of news! They begin by looking forwards, running through what we might see in the upcoming Senate session, before Sam reflects on the anni

2726 - Return the National Parks To Indigenous People & The Steven Donzinger Case w/ David Treuer & James North
November 26, 2021

Sam sits down with Ojibwe author and historian , author of the piece in The Atlantic. Then, Emma sits down with , reporter at The Nation, to discuss his work covering  Purchase tickets for the live sh

2725 - The Campaigns Against the Post Office and American Democracy w/ Christopher W. Shaw
November 24, 2021

Sam sits down with historian to discuss his recent book , on the rise of one of the most popular public services, and its precarious state in an era of privatization. They begin in the 18th century,

2724 - How To Explain The Explosive Growth Of School Vouchers In The U.S. w/ Ursula Hackett
November 23, 2021

Emma hosts , Senior Lecturer in Politics at Royal Holloway University of London, to discuss her recent book  Emma starts the show by touching upon the seemingly endless Chris Christie Redemption Tour

2723 - Violence and Truth After Emancipation w/ William A. Blair
November 22, 2021

Sam hosts , Professor of Middle American History at Penn State University, to discuss his recent book , on how the true histories of reconstruction, both in the horrible violence and influential polic

2722 - What Jordan Peterson Gets Wrong About "Structural Racism" w/ Jamelle Bouie, Jamie Peck & Jorge Rocha
November 19, 2021

Sam hosts , opinion columnist at the New York Times and co-host of the podcast, to wrap up the week in news! And in the second half, Sam is joined by , in her triumphant return to MR (!) and , co-hos

2721 - The Next Stages of the Opioid Epidemic w/ Sam Quinones
November 18, 2021

Emma hosts journalist , to discuss his recent book , taking on the wave of synthetic drugs moving across North America over the last decade and a half, how they seeped through, and why they are so dan

2720 - The Importance of Insects to Our Survival w/ Dave Goulson
November 17, 2021

Sam and Emma host , professor of biology at the University of Sussex, to discuss his recent book , on the rampant decline of insect populations worldwide over the last few decades, and how the trend c

2719 - CBO Score Purgatory
November 16, 2021

Sam and Emma break down what's to come in the week in news, from the reconciliation negotiations on the Hill, to updates on labor, the courts, and climate. They begin by covering the religious reactio

2718 - Cold War Defense Spending and How It Transformed Politics w/ Michael Brenes
November 15, 2021

Sam and Emma host , history lecturer at Yale University, to discuss his recent book , on how the Cold War helped to ingrain the military-industrial complex within the American political, economic, and