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Mads Singers Management Podcast

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#185: How To Improve Your Business Efficiency Without Wasting A Lot Of Money
March 30, 2023

Episode SummaryAs you know by now, a business that efficiently runs is much more likely to find continued success over the long term. If youve ever asked yourself as an entrepreneur, How to increase business efficiency? Well, let me tell you - efficie

#184: How To Successfully Communicate With Your Remote Workers In A Virtual Team
March 22, 2023

Episode Summary Its no secret how hiring remote workers or setting up your virtual team made you save tons of cost. Since the pandemic, remote working has become the new norm. Do you agree? In fact, a lot of businesses right now offer hybrid work set-ups

#183: How Do You Improve Employee Motivation Without Doing a Lot
March 15, 2023

A lot of business owners underestimate the power of employee motivation in managing people. No wonder youre here today wondering whether or not you can increase motivation without doing a lot. Anthony joins me today as were chatting about how you can ex

#182: Quickly Decrease Your Team’s Incompetence by Simply Tracking Productivity
March 08, 2023

Episode SummaryIs there a one-size fits all cadence for tracking employee productivity? Let alone managing your employees? Austin Kerr is joining me today, who runs a management software helping managers run their teams smoothly daily!Austin and I recog

#181: 5 Proven People Management Skills That Start-Up Business Owners Are Ineffective Of Doing
March 01, 2023

Episode SummaryLike myself, this weeks guest, John Papaloni, is a serial entrepreneur whose people management skills are put into action every single day. John, CEO of Papaloni Media, shares his pr

#180: How Do You Change And Create A Company Culture?
February 22, 2023

Episode Summary Sara Sheehan joins us in todays episode! Sara and I talked about one of the most common topics around people management, which is having the best company culture. Is there such?Sara puts it - company cultures foundation is supported beh

#179: 8 Fail-Proof Business Success Factors That Make Money
February 15, 2023

Episode SummaryThis week, I am speaking to Daryl Urbansaki, who spent years doing Meta-Analysis to finally study at least - on a scientific basis the ultimate key success factors in business that ma

#178: The Most Often Overlooked Personal Development Opportunities Risking Your Business Goal
February 08, 2023

Episode SummaryIn an age where boundaries between our home and work life are blurring, its important for us to discuss the most often overlooked personal development opportunities in your business

#177: When is delegating effectively most successful?
February 01, 2023

Episode Summary Delegation has been a core topic, you know, I am very passionate about. So, I am super thrilled to have NaTandya Dowell, in todays podcast episode as we discuss the pitfalls of delegation of work and why delegating effectively as a small

#176: You Won’t Believe How Small Business Operations Can Be Greatly Affected By Remote Team Communication
January 25, 2023

Episode Summary Can you achieve "profit predictability" in your small business operations by simply being effective in communication leadership? Adam Liette, Smooth Operations founder, joins us in today's podcast episode and shares how this is possible! B