Made for That

Made for That

Made to Fight: Philecia La’Bounty

October 29, 2018

“An injury: We rehab and we recover.”


When I came across Philecia's story, I knew I had to talk to her.

At age 29, on an ordinary day, she found a marble-sized lump in her left breast. By the time she turned 30, she went from living life as a model in Los Angeles to a woman about to take on Stage 4 breast cancer and the fight of her life.



Philecia grew up in Utah as an athletic, fun-loving girl with a big family and the big heart that comes with it. Before her diagnosis, she spent her weekends being physically active, embracing her youth, the outdoors, and a fun and adventurous lifestyle that involved riding on the back of her boyfriend's Harley.



Listen to episode #002 to be educated, humbled and incredibly inspired by someone who makes mustering up the will to fight seem nearly effortless.

If you'd like to support Philecia's fight, you can donate to her Go Fund Me page here: You can also continue to follow @philecia's journey on Instagram at