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All-Stars #73 Prof. Steve Keen: Rising Populism & Brexit update
October 22, 2019

All-Star Prof. Steve Keen is back with an update on the recent surge in populism around the globe and Steve’s outlook for the resolution of the Brexit dilemmaLink: 

All-Stars #72 Jeff Snider: The Supply-side of the Eurodollar equation
October 21, 2019

All-Star Jeff Snider is back with more perspective on the global dollar liquidity situation, this time focusing on the supply rather than demand side of the equation.Link:

MacroVoices #189 Stephanie Pomboy: S&P Earnings Do Not Equal Corporate Profits
October 17, 2019

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Stephanie Pomboy to MacroVoices. They discuss the expansion of the FED’s balance sheet, the significance of the recent liquidity shock and the divergence between corporate profits and S&P and much more. In postga.

All-Stars #71 Julian Brigden: Geopolitical risks, Chinese liquidity dynamics & “not” QE
October 16, 2019

All-Star Julian Brigden weighs in on the Saudi Arabia oil infrastructure attacks, Chinese liquidity, and the Fed’s QE that isn’t QE according to the FedLink:

All-Stars #70 Luke Gromen: The official narrative just FAILED!
October 15, 2019

All-Star Luke Gromen says the official narrative just failed: The notion that the USD shortage would affect the rest of the world before it would affect the U.S. just collapsed according to Luke, and this creates investable opportunities.Link: http://bi..

All-Stars #69 Louis-Vincent Gave: Rangebound Markets
October 11, 2019

All-Star Louis-Vincent gave returns for a detailed look at markets and an update on the developing situation in Hong KongLink:

MacroVoices #188 : Variant Perception’s Tian Yang on Tail Hedges
October 10, 2019

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Tian Yang to MacroVoices. They discuss the economic and liquidity leading indicators, the implications of US-China trade war on the markets, translating economic signals into market decisions and more. Later, Ami.

All-Stars #68 Danielle DiMartino Booth: Interpreting Friday’s Jobs data
October 09, 2019

All-Star Danielle DiMartino-Booth is back to take a deeper look at last week’s Jobs report an share her analysis of what it means. Also free issue of Daily Feather newsletter.Link:

All-Stars #67 Jeff Snider: Reconciling extreme treasury demand with declining bid-to-cover ratios
October 08, 2019

All-Star Jeff Snider responds to listeners who have questioned how Jeff can say there’s a treasury shortage when bid-to-cover ratios are declining in treasury auctions.Link:

All-Stars #66 Juliette Declercq: Break or Bounce time is here!
October 07, 2019

All-Star Juliette Declercq says it’s time for the global economy to either break or bounce. Hear Juliette explain in detail in this episode.Link: