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M2 Magazine Podcast

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Ep.83 – Creating Positive Disruption
October 29, 2020

New Zealand’s tourism has of course been adversely disrupted by Covid enough, but Kiwi Welcome founder Sam Brough has brought… Read More

Ep.82 – How To Raise Money Now While Solving Old Problems
October 22, 2020

The problem of stock control has been around as long as businesses have been around for and still today companies… Read More

Ep.81 – How To Create A Local Movement Of Thousands
October 21, 2020

Like many New Zealanders, Sarah Colcord’s work as a freelance event and project manager stalled during the lockdown. Rather than… Read More

Ep. 80 – How To Beat Burnout And Create Optimum Human Function
October 15, 2020

This year we’ve all become aware of rising anxiety and stress in ourselves and those around us. And while a… Read More

Ep.79 – Putting The Human Back Into The Digital Sales Process
October 15, 2020

As General Manager of UpSol NZ, Kristin Harper is helping NZ companies get into the future faster by utilising Digital… Read More

Ep.78 – The Future of Bricks and Mortar Retail In The Online Era
October 08, 2020

Bricks and mortar retail, commercial property and inner city living have all being going through some evolution over the last… Read More

Ep.77 – Designing A Sustainable Future
September 30, 2020

As the daughter of one of New Zealand’s leading environmentalists and businessmen, the late Sir Rob Fenwick, Isabel Fenwick has… Read More

Ep.76 – Are We Really Tidy Kiwis?
September 30, 2020

Depending on your age, the catch cries “Be a Tidy Kiwi” and “Do the Right Thing” will bring back some… Read More

Ep.75 – Rebuilding Our Workforce
September 23, 2020

While young entrepreneurs these days might be focused on the next big app or software solution, Israel Whitley has created… Read More

Ep.74 – Hope Out Of The Dark Side Of The Brain
September 23, 2020

During his 13 years as a crisis negotiator and instructor for the NZ Police, Lance Burdett experienced first-hand some of… Read More