Listen, You Beautiful Bitch

Listen, You Beautiful Bitch

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Would You Rather
May 20, 2020

It's time for MORE GAMES!! Today let's dive in to "Would You Rather?". 

Marry, Murder, Fuck
May 13, 2020

Welcome back everyone!! This will be a fun episode to play along with while you're quarantined! Each of us will list out three nouns and YOU must choose which one you'd marry, murder or fuck. 

Never Have WE Ever
May 06, 2020

It's Sandra's 30th and we're drinkin' margaritas. Grab your favorite alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage and play a game of Never Have I Ever with us! Warning: do not play while driving. 

OBGY-No Thank You
April 29, 2020

Pap Shmears, am I right?? If you have a vagina, you may have let an OBGYN look up there time to time. Have you ever spent an hour talking about it with some cool lady friends? If not, then come on over! Today we are talking all about our first visits, pr.

Throwback! What Makes Men Sexy
April 22, 2020

Quarantine finally managed to jack up our recording schedule, so we're coming in hot this week with a throwback to our most popular episode of the podcast, What Makes Men Sexy! In this episode we invited listeners to share what qualities make a man attra.

Sexting: Fix My Caché
April 15, 2020

Welcome back to another quarantine edition: SEXTING! Today we learned a lot about each other and our listeners. The consensus was: NO UNWARRANTED DICK PICS!

Fix My Caché: Sexting
April 15, 2020

Welcome back to another quarantine edition: SEXTING! Today we learned a lot about each other and our listeners! The consensus is: NO UNWARRANTED DICK PICS. 

Honest Job Interviews: Titties in a Twitter
April 07, 2020

We've all had to present our "best selves" in a job interview, but what if we could be 100% honest? In tonight's episode, we give our honest-to-god answers to some common interview questions — and to be real, we would totally hire ourselves 

Fuck Off COVID: Quarantine Update
April 01, 2020

Welcome back ladies and gents! We definitely all have 1 thing in common at the moment, which is COVID-19. Listen in as we discuss what its like to be quarantined and how we are all getting through!

Quarantine Poops: Music of Our Lives
March 24, 2020

We all have songs that have turned into the soundtracks of our lives — this special quarantine episode we all unite via Skype to dive into the top five songs that have defined who we are up to this point, from the shameful to the nostalgic, and everythin.