Lucid Waking-Rev Shar

Lucid Waking-Rev Shar

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Changing Transcendence
April 06, 2016

From Buddha to Jesus, Great Spirit, Shiva, Krishna  and Allah.... from the singularity to consciousness evolution......  human mind chases it's ultimate mental trip. TRANSCENDENCE!!!!! And it is glorious !    But,   do we transcend? Well,  not EXACT

The Art Of Responsibility
March 29, 2016

Responsibility is an art form that most of us clumsily use in our daily lives.  Often used as a manipulation tool and a way of shameful ownership.  It lives with the concept, accountability.   They love to share mental space....  and conspire with us

The Day conceptional living took a back seat
March 15, 2016

Or,  when the unconscious released it's reign. The unconscious holds all our personalities at play.  and while we think we are walking around with free will thinking most of us are blind and asleep.  Led around by unaware subconscious dictatorship.  U

March 08, 2016

It can be difficult to let down the mental guard, and you know what, it is not always necessary to do so. What part of us is in a hurry to Not  BE   HERE  NOW ?  Is the new mortal sin, to remain 'as you are'  unless of course you eat what any establi

Spring into Action-How distraction keeps us in the Loop
March 01, 2016

I know a lot of ‘active’ people. People on constant “go”… Awareness will not be found in this type of personality unless something shifts. Activity is done to hide from the self, pain or doubt that plagues the psyche. Relaxation comes only when

Sharing recent Spirit Messages
February 23, 2016

"The veil is thinning"  as they say.    Many of us are getting intuitive insights into what consciousness is up to outside the realm of the ego mania drama play.   Awareness waking up within the individual goes through many interesting and intriguing

Learning to sit with what is
February 16, 2016

"Meditate like Christ. He lost himself in love." ~Neem Karoli Baba I have been through so many spiritual and self help techniques and yes they all were helpful to various extents and I still use some of them on my more  puzzle minded clients.   But  th

The Spiritual Relationship
February 09, 2016

Tonight I share with you a way of looking at  relationship that may be  new for you. My mentor and teacher Keith Wilson shared his Spiritual Relationship  Map with me nearly four years ago and it became one of the number one go to guides for my inner p

What is missing from the equation of : “if you just believe it, it you can do it?”
February 02, 2016

Well, most folks don’t understand ‘belief’, you see it is not about the surface beliefs. You know those thoughts you say to yourself? I want to fly, I believe I can fly, therefor I will jump off the roof and fly. It doesn’t work does it? So what

The idolization of Jesus Christ: the dehumanizing of a holy man
January 26, 2016

This week on Lucid Waking I discuss the Idolization of Jesus Christ.  And God...............   What I am going to be pointing at tonight is the growing insidiousness of  Idolatry when it comes to the most Holy Men in our history.