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Andrew Blaser is a gay American athlete aiming for the Winter Olympics
November 15, 2021

Andrew Blaser is a gay American athlete competing in skeleton and aiming for the Winter Olympics in 2022

The Sports Kiki Ep 91: Why Carl Nassib posting a pic of his boyfriend is a big deal
November 13, 2021

It may seem like a big deal, but Carl Nasib posting a picture of him and his boyfriend is quite the statement -- especially post-Gruden.

LGBT In The Ring Ep. 119: Sazzy Boatright
November 11, 2021

Sazzy Boatright joins the show to talk about her quick growth in popularity, how improv comedy helped her enter pro wrestling and why her queerness is at her root in and out of the ring

The Trans Sporter Room Ep109 -- Pro wrestler The Notorious Angel Amber Jo: On The Wings Of A Title Shot
November 10, 2021

This week Karleigh Webb goes one-on-one with British trans pro wrestler The Notorious Angel Amber Jo, as she prepares for a run for a championship belt. Last year, she made her debut becoming the trans woman to step in the ring for one of the UK's largest

The GAMEDAY TEA: The Atlanta Braves Didn't Choke Prt. 2
November 09, 2021

2021 Braves World Series Champs

The Sports Kiki Ep. 90: The case of the strep throat twink
November 06, 2021

Gay Twitter was buzzing this week about another twink who was bragging about partying sick. How ... sick! Alex chats with NYC-based writer and editor Mark Peikert about this story and other pieces of

3SYO #94: World Series Soler Vortex with Kevin McCaffrey
November 05, 2021

Well, that World Series turned out to be pretty good! Pretty pretty pretty...pretty good! If you could ignore most of the stuff surrounding the teams playing in it, that is. As continuing the 3SYO postseason tradition, I'm joined by OG friend of the pod K

LGBT In The Ring Ep. 118: Jai Vidal
November 04, 2021

Breakout pro wrestler Jai Vidal joins the show to chat about his Impact Wrestling debut, flying high at the Big Gay Brunch and why being a source of representation means so much to him

The Trans Sporter Room Ep108-- Ten Things Trans Athletes Want To Tell You About Trans People
November 03, 2021

Information from the source, not the clickbait

The GAMEDAY TEA: LGBTQ+ Halloween Fashion
November 02, 2021

D.Gil's Favorite Halloween looks