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Self-Care in the Real World! with ladies of food + media.
February 18, 2019

Today, Americans own twice the amount of stuff we did 50 years ago and bill more out-of-office hours than any other advanced economy. We online date, binge-watch, thumb through social media, and often wander around exhausted and unsure. Food journalist an

Episode 86: Food, The Brain, and Happiness! With Dr. Leslie Korn!
November 20, 2017

Will impending holiday eats help or hinder our health and happiness? How does what we eat affect our brain’s relaying of joys and frustrations? How does food best support our brain health, so that in turn we can best love ourselves and others? In this Lo

Episode 85: Return to Tarot! A Love Bites Special with Reader Sasha Graham
October 02, 2017

For our first Love Bites Radio special this season, tarot reader Sasha Graham returns to guide us through how we can establish our own daily practice, which cards in the deck we should keep an eye out for when seeking peak romance, and how to pull a talis

Episode 84: News from Love Bites Radio (and a little "Then and Now")
September 11, 2017

The short story is that we're taking a break this season from live shows to focus on some personal necessities and to regroup artistically. On today's episode, Jacqueline shares the story behind why we're hitting the pause button. Then we throw back for a

Episode 83: Summer Magic! What We've Learned from 82 Love Bites!
August 07, 2017

Today's show marks the end of our Summer Season and two years of Love Bites Radio! In celebration, we're reflecting upon some of the poignant moments that most stuck with us. Which guests' revealed wisdom is still lodged in our brains? What moments of our

Episode 82: For the Love of Food (Media): Me & You with Jax and Max!
July 31, 2017

"Two food perspectives, both alike in dignity, in fair New York City where we lay our scene..."* On today's show, Saveur Senior Digital Editor Max Falkowitz and freelance food writer and Love Bites co-host Jacqueline Raposo dig into their varying experie

Episode 81: To Date Or Not To Date (Other Actors): Me & You with Ben and Deanna!
July 24, 2017

"I don't date other actors." That's the hard-and-fast rule of many thespians, who find their careers, artistic, and personal lives so difficult to manage that the idea of merging with someone else with the same struggles sounds like a terrible nightmare.

Episode 80: Me & You: 69 Years of Marriage with Pat and Hansine
July 10, 2017

Very few couples will ever get to say they've made it to sixty-nine years of marriage. As we explore how to find and maintain loving relationships of all sorts here on Love Bites, it seems only fitting that when we have one of those couples at hand, we as

Episode 79: Single Lady Writers in Trump's America: Me and You with Jen Doll!
June 26, 2017

"How has Trump's America changed the way two single lady writers think, eat, love, and express themselves? On today's show, author Jen Doll returns for our second Me & You episode. She'll interview Jax and be interviewed on how the current political land

Episode 78: Me and You: Jax and Ben!
June 19, 2017

Love Bites Radio explores "why and how we love."So why do we love the way we loveright now?In what ways does that love physically manifest? How are those manifestations different than what they've