Lost Notes from Underground

Lost Notes from Underground

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Tape Ten (Unjustified Love & Cats)
October 29, 2021

A glimpse into who he is, Leander has a cat now. Seeking warmth from a feline when no hands offered it, he doesn't understand that he can't ever thaw out the mellowness in his heart. He talks about Animal Psychology, Cupboard Love. Rambles on and on about

Tape Nine (A Love of Love Motels)
October 20, 2021

So let's talk about this tape, shall we? He talks about selling dreams and secrets, and then starts saying oh how sad he is. What a douche, lol. He talks about how he hates nature and how grim it is, and it makes me question if there's anything this guy i

Tape Eight (Crime And Punishment)
October 07, 2021

Found this one hidden behind the books in this guy's room. Keeps going on and on about Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I don't know if anyone is still interested in his ramblings, but it sure is fun to hear him talking about Deism, Femme Fatale, Platonic Love, F

Tape Seven (Secondhand Lovers)
September 24, 2021

This tape was found near a brook that once flowed behind the shed that Leander had holed himself in towards the end. The tape, which intended to break down the concept of Muses for Leander, ends in his breakdown instead. He talks of how maybe, every poem,

Tape Six (To Freya from Sufi)
September 20, 2021

This was sent via an email, and while the voice somewhat matches, but we aren't sure if this is real or not. The main reason being that I don't think Leander is a millennium or a Gen Z, for come on, who even records tapes today? And also, his voice sounds

Tape Five (Self-therapy Day 1)
September 15, 2021

This recording was submitted to us anonymously by someone who claimed to have known Leander in his better days. We tried to contact the person after receiving this, but received no reply. I think Leander sounds better in this tape, not withstanding that t

Tape Four (My Lolita)
September 12, 2021

I don't quite understand as to why this 'Leander' reminds me of all the pseudo-intellectual tryhards that I've met in my life. The same BS about metaphysics, nihilism, solipsism, heralding that decadent author Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita as art, trying to b

Tape Three (Letters I Never Sent)
September 10, 2021

The cassette of this recording was found in a little cardboard box that this dude tried to lock with chains, lol.  I have no clue whom he is talking about. Freya, I heard that name in some game, probably means Goddess of love, I think. Well, whatever it b

Tape Two (Clown Pagliacci)
September 10, 2021

Found alongside the tape uploaded earlier in this emo guy's room. Herein he explains some dumb joke about some Clown Pagliacci, tries his hand at explaining solipsism, and even touches on the myth of Sisyphus, the Greek dude. And as the one nobody really

Tape One (Kintsugi)
September 09, 2021

The man that even the shadows turned their backs on, tries to sing of beauty, of trust, of love. Found this cassette while searching through the belongings he left behind. He speaks about Kintsugi, as a symbolic means of countering insecurity, but he hims