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Logical Anarchy Today Episode 212 - Trump Strikes Syria and What This Could Mean
April 12, 2017

Trump has launched 59 missiles at Syrian military targets. This is a complete and unsurprising reversal on his promises. On this episode, Jon talks about why this is a problem and how bad this could possibly be.US air strikes in Syria: Russia suspends ag

Logical Anarchy Today Show Episode 211 - The Failure of SJW Themes in Entertainment
April 11, 2017

On Today's episode, Jon discusses the recent failure in entertainment media to shove SJW rhetoric down our throats. He talks about BioWare, Marvel, and Doctor Who. This episode is for all the nerds out there.The Marvel Interview in QuestionLogical Anarch

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 210 - Personal Property vs Private Property
April 10, 2017

Well, I'm back! Or atleast I'm attempting a comeback. On this episode, I try and detail, through rambling, the Left Libertarian Position on personal and private property and how it is an arbitrary distinction used in sophistry.An Anarcho-Socialist Explai

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 209 - Strawman Critiques of Anarcho-Capitalism
January 04, 2017

People, who are generally intellectually dishonest, use strawmen in order to ggive the appearence that they have refuted a philosophy or idea. Unfortunately for them, we don't let the fly here.Logical Anarchy MerchandiseTom Woods Liberty ClassroomInteres

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 208 - The Border Issue Misses the Point
November 30, 2016

I think the anarcho-capitalist talking about statist policies like open and closed borders miss the point and end up screwing with the central idea of anarcho-capitalism... Private property rights.The Criminalization of Immigration in the United StatesAm

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 207 - What Actually Limits Government
November 16, 2016

What actually limits the size and scope of government? Some will say the Constitution, but this would be incorrect. It's public opinion that limits the size of government.The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans-Herman HoppeLogical Anarchy Me

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 206 - Imperfect Messengers for an Ethical Message
November 15, 2016

This year has seen a few "celebratarians" fall from grace because of their personal issues. I think there is a specific reason for this and I wanted to talk about it. We are advocates of an ethical ideology. Many of our arguments are moral arguments. And

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 205 - The End of Empire
November 14, 2016

People are saying that since Trump is President Elect, this is the end of the United States as we know it (and by extension for these self centered people, the end of the world). But I wanted to look to the Roman Empire for this episode so that we can kn

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 204 - Liberals Won't Take the Blame For This Contribution
November 10, 2016

Education is important and education is an important platform for the liberal progressive ideology. But public education is a liberal progressive entity... And most of "rural white America" that voted for Trump attended public schools. So... Are liberals

Logical Anarchy Today Episode 203 - Trump Wins
November 09, 2016

So Trump is the new president of the United States. Democrats are the creators of Trump though and this populist movement that has carried him to victory. Today's episode is an AnCap's response to this.Logical Anarchy MerchandiseTom Woods Liberty Classro