The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast

Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six

October 08, 2018

Pittsburgh’s Dan Getkin cites Ryan Adams as his entry to the alt-country genre.

“When Cold Roses came out! One of my best friends in college was a big Ryan Adams fan and he showed me some stuff. Then Cold Roses came out, and he’s all over the genre- every album sounds different. That was the one that had it dialed in perfectly, I mean every track! “Blossom” was the first dance at my wedding, so yeah, it’s everywhere.”

Music has been a part of his life since high school, however he has different professional aspirations.

“I have a masters of divinity, which is a weird one to put on a resume if you’re not apply to be a minister, which I’m not. If you’re not the kind of person who went to youth group a lot, the idea of going to seminary is very confusing because I’m married.  You go into seminary with two paths: either your study strengthens everything OR it just shatters it, which is kind of what happened to me. It challenged my faith a lot and that comes across a lot in my music. Maybe this will be the last album where I deal with that.”

Dan Getkin and The Twelve Six’s new album “Feeling Good About The End Times” is out now and more info is at their website.

Photo by Sara LaCroix