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The Local 913 Podcast


September 03, 2018

The electronic duo Metacara is made up of Kyla Rae and Vince Nania, who met at the University of Pittsburgh. Vince was in another band that Kyla sang guest vocals on. While in that band, he had always been working on a certain type of music he thought Kyla’s voice would sound perfect on.

“It’s rooted in pop as well as hip-hop; hip-hop especially for the instrumental part of it. You’ll hear a drum machine and maybe some distorted samples as maybe the backing track and then soulful or poppy vocals on top of it. It creates this really cool contrast and juxtaposition in the song, but its balanced enough where it sounds natural.”

It’s not every day you come across a band that is strongly influence by both Joni Mitchell and Kayne West.

“Although those artists are very different on the surface value when you dig into it, the common factor is soul. Joni Mitchell does that in a different way than Kanye, but that common factor is there. They’re both a little weird and they’re both very honest and genuine.”

Metacara, who are releasing a handful of songs this year, more info is at their website.

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Photo by Dylan Rosgone