The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast

Ferdinand The Bull

July 23, 2018

Nick Snyder of the folk band Ferdinand The Bull, says playing acoustic music has it’s perks

“My favorite thing about playing acoustically-based, is that we can just get up and play. We don’t have to plug in or anything. Everything’s really visceral and real. You can touch it, you can feel it and just grab a hold of it. It feels natural and right.”

The band’s sound and energy is extremely romantic. For example, a line from their bio: Ferdinand the Bull is an obsession and a meditation on vulnerability and passion - the inescapable nature of feeling and growing. Synder claims he enlisted his writer-friend to assist him that that one.

“She asked me: ‘What is music to you?’ Music is an obsession. It’s something that gets into my head. You’ll be lying in bed and something hits you. And you’re just like (SIGH) and you roll over, turn on the light and record a quick memo on the phone.

It’s like you said very romantic to me and very mysterious. It’s just something that’s been with me the whole way. “

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The new album from Ferdinand The Bull is out on August 10. More on the band is at their website.