The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast

Buffalo Rose

April 16, 2018

The folk group Buffalo Rose calls their style of music “folk and soul-grass,” folk for the tradition the continue with their harmonies and soul-grass from their backgrounds

“We have three singers and all of us grew up singing in choirs. I think part of that choir-sensibility and the church choir sensibility that’s where the “soul” part comes from; A group of voices singing together in harmony. The “grass” comes from the country side. I mean, we have a slide guitar player…”

Lucy Clabby is one of the three lead singers in Buffalo Rose, who doesn’t have a defacto leader.

“We all think of ourselves as lead singers. We grew up listening to Nsync and Backstreet boys, so it didn’t seem foreign to us to have a group of singers all take the lead. We take turns, different singers take different verses depending on what the song calls for.”

The band has an intense love of the natural world, which makes its way into their music.

“We use nature metaphors and analogies to talk about what’s going on inside of us because it’s easier to process and think about an actual hurricane instead of the way you’re feeling. We take a lot from nature in order to express ourselves.”

Buffalo Rose’s debut album is The Soil and The Seed.