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The Language of Business

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How to be a top-shelf mentor…and how to stand for something good – LOB 316
November 09, 2022

What does a top-shelf mentor bring to the table? - And how does a restaurant stand for something good? - The Language of Business Podcasthost Greg Stoller talks with Rocky Romanella, CEO of 3SIXTY, D

Really learning a new language and getting that first job – LOB 315
October 27, 2022

The Language of Business Podcast looks at a new way to really learn a language...and how the path to get that first job has changed from both the applicant and employer's viewpoints. - Did you take Sp

Finding the right people for children and family services…and jumping into real estate – LOB 314
October 05, 2022

The Language of Business Podcast looks at the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families - better known as the DCF - that works to help keep children safe from abuse and neglect. Running the DC

Earned Media in PR and earning good money as a social media influencer – LOB 313
September 21, 2022

"Earned Media" in Public Relations can really pay dividends...and how being a social media influencer can pay money. - The Language of Business Podcast looks at how the world of public relations is ev

Teaching the art of professional writing – LOB 312
September 10, 2022

Writing an admission essay that will get you into the college of your choice is no easy task. But help is available. Teaching people how to write professionally is not just an important's a

Teaching resources, Seaweed – LOB 311
August 25, 2022

It's a labor of love when a woman conceives and founds a company not based on making money, but on a mission they're passionate about. What happens then? - The Language of Business Podcast looks at tw

For-profit vs. non-profit business…are challenges similar? – LOB 310
June 23, 2022

Running a for-profit business has obvious challenges in any economy, but especially so in 2022. How different is it for a non-profit? - The Language of Business Podcast looks at the similar challenges

E-commerce secrets…Amazon vs. Google – LOB 309
June 12, 2022

I want to make money through e-commerce. But what are the tricks that Amazon uses? And what about Google? - The Language of Business Podcast looks at the secrets behind a successful e-commerce store o

Real Estate is crazy – LOB 308
May 31, 2022

As we slowly pull out of the pandemic the Real Estate market is going crazy - both residential and commercial. The Language of Business Podcast looks what's happening when to comes to buying or sellin

Looking for funding, looking to fund – LOB 307
May 20, 2022

A startup is looking for funding...and an Angel Investor is looking for startups to fund. Could it be a match? - - The Language of Business Podcast looks at both sides of the startup investing conun