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Live Behind The Veil

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God wants To Make You His Mouthpiece
October 11, 2022

Summary:What is and how do we speak Gods word?How do we read the bible? Is it just a story book?We need an experiential relationship with the Father, and it is the jobof the Holy Spirit to reveal what we are to speak.Show Notes: With the heart a person

A Cry Of The Holy Spirit To Us !
September 27, 2022

Summary:The Shofar/trumpet was blown 100 times during the Feast of Trumpetsso that no one would miss the announcement, the arrival of the King,the time to gather together.Show Notes: Do not miss the call, Listen to what the Holy Spirit is speaking. Ther

A Trumpet Call For This New Day!
September 20, 2022

Summary:Many voices gather to speak and create the new year aheadThe Feast of Trumpets begins a new year, a calling of people to gatherand announcing the arrival of the King.Those who have been prepared, speak and frame the next year.Show Notes: Numbers

Overcomers Part 2
September 18, 2022

Summary:How much do our words create or destroy our ability to overcome?Jesus overcame by the word He spokeBeing an overcomer has nothing to do with our emotions, or feelings.Is there an expression of what one has overcome?Show Notes: In voicing the word

What's Changing at Live Behind The Veil
September 12, 2022

2022 changes coming to Live Behind The Veil.

Overcomers Part-1
September 07, 2022

Summary: How many ways do we have to be overcomers? We should not cross out the good we create How do we Love not our lives unto death? Show Notes: We have a choice in all things to live in faith or as a victim Getting our focus on the Lord knowin

The Joy Set Before Us !
September 02, 2022

Summary: What is the Joy of the Lord? Does discipline bring joy? Is the Joy of the Lord an all or nothing type of thing? Show Notes: There are various experiences and expressions of joy Joy is tied into Love In His presence is fullness of joy

The Different Aspects Of Joy
August 18, 2022

Summary: There is no working up a joy in the human nature So, how do we get joy, or the joy of the Lord? When you have His joy, share it with everyone you meet Show Notes: • Why did the angel say: “good news of great joy”? • Can we suffer and still have j

Let’s Create One Another
August 15, 2022

Summary: How do you see your neighbor? How do you see your family? Show Notes: • We want to see as the Lord sees • Are we able to create another person? • “Lord, show me what to speak to that person” References: 1 Samuel 16:7 NIV But the Lord said to Samu

Learning The Voice Of The Lord
August 09, 2022

Summary: The Lord is speaking, are we listening? My sheep know My voice, and a stranger they will not follow. Show Notes: • God can and does speak through a host of various vessels • When someone is speaking and there is condemnation in it, that is not th