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003 How to change your Boss

January 14, 2020

Today’s topic is about wanting to change your boss. How do you go about doing this? The short version is that it’s not possible. This is the shortcut version of this.Let’s look at it from a different perspective. If you are responsible for a team, and one of your employees wants to change you, what’s your reaction?Change doesn’t work when it is against the hierarchy. I have never had a boss in my career of nearly 20 years within IT, who was able and willing to take feedback from the subordinates! There are some who pretended, but when it came to the point. It didn’t work.

“Change doesn’t work against the hierarchy.”

I’m not saying that managers are not listening to feedback, but chances are very small. Instead let’s talk about what you want to change in your boss. For example, what if your boss gives you work that you cannot handle or are difficult?  If these things are difficult, then train until they’re not difficult anymore. Sometimes when we say we want to change our bosses it is often personality changes! For instance, they do not say good morning when they enter the office. It is imperative to differentiate between people’s personality, such as being friendly or polite and their work performance. You’re not at work for fun and entertainment. You’re there to deliver! You are hired to do as task as well as possible. My experience says we all perform much better if the workplace is fun, but this is not why we’re there.

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Now if you have a reasonable boss and he throws stuff on your desk, and it’s too much, don’t say no; instead give her a choice. Be creative. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Now let’s focus on personality: the impossible one.There’s one person on the planet that can change you. It’s yourself! Nobody can change you if you don’t want it. You can pretend that you changed, but you’re just acting. And the more you must act, the more energy it costs and at a certain point in time, people. Serious change from the inside can only be initiated by the person who wants to change now.

“Many managers associate the tools they use with their own personalities.”

If you cannot change the people that you do have some manner of control over, how would you change someone that you have no control over? Let’s avoid focusing on behaviours rather than on output. Lots of managers don’t know that leadership is an arts. They don’t know that this can be learned! Therefore the tools that they use are not seen as tools, but as their own personality traits; any critique is seen as a personal insult. So don’t try to change your manager!

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