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Little Voice Big Business

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42: How to be the best
May 19, 2019

What to do when you want to be the best at what you do... and you're not sure you are. Listen to this episode, and you'll never worry again about not being good enough. Yay!

41: Boss Behaviours Part 4: STRONG
May 17, 2019

The final part of my Boss Behaviours series... Find out how to be STRONG, (even if you totally don't feel very strong at the moment!) so that you can go big in your business.

40: Boss Behaviours Part 3: SINGLE MINDED
March 18, 2019

Boss Behaviours Part 3: SINGLE MINDEDHow to beat overwhelm and focus like a laser so you can achieve big things!

39: Boss Behaviours Part 2: ON IT
March 03, 2019

Part 2 in the Boss Behaviour Series. Work harder not smarter and be the boss of your business and your life. Hustle optional!

38: Boss Behaviours Part 1: BRAVE
February 28, 2019

How to be braver and be more boss... in your business and in your life!

37: The art of outsourcing. How to scale up the smart way.
November 07, 2018

How to scale your business using a virtual team with Jessica Dornieden When your business is just you, and you want to scale,.... but you don't want the complication of actually employing people, what can you do?  Start building a virtual team, that's w

36: How to style yourself successful with Penny Bennett
October 24, 2018

What to wear in order to become successful entrepreneur?  With style consultant Penny Bennett Find out how to build your authentic personal brand by leveraging your personal style. 

34: How to overcome your fears, double your prices and boost your profits
February 02, 2017

Dog portrait artist, Kath Webster, discusses the challenges she faced in her business and how doubling her prices has impacted her profits. 

33: How to beat burnout before it becomes a business busting problem with special guest Nancie Vito
January 09, 2017

33: How to beat burnout before it becomes a business busting problem, with special guest Nancie Vito