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The Humility of Forgiveness
July 30, 2023

He is gracious, but His standard is clear. ForgiveContinuing our humility series, Nicholas Kerton-Johnson unpacks why humility requires us to walk in forgiveness. Forgiveness is transactional. We forgive and we are forgiven. We pray that as you listen to

The Joy of Humility, Again
July 23, 2023

The greatest way that He could exalt us is giving us more of Himself.On his birthday, Nicholas Kerton-Johnson dives back into our humility series. He reminds us why we are pressing into humility, to get more of Jesus. We pray that as you listen to this

Walking in the Love of the Father
July 16, 2023

This week, we take a break from our humility series to hear from Jonathon Forte, one of our missionaries and long-time friend. He shares from his heart and experiences what it means to minister out of the love of the father. We pray that as you listen to

An Offensive Gospel
July 09, 2023

We follow a gospel that is deeply offensive. It offends because it is holy. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson continues our series on humility acknowledging the offensive nature of the gospel. He tells the story of how the pharisees were so offended by Jesus’s act

June 25, 2023

But if we want to go into our father's presence, if we want to be part of his kingdom, then we actually have to abide by the laws and the rules and the ways of that kingdom.This week, Pastor Nicholas Kerton-Johnson speaks to us about offense. Getting rid

June 18, 2023

Will you be the servant of your brothers and sisters?This week, Nicholas Kerton-Johnson talks about humility in servanthood. As a church, we want to press into the whole of the kingdom of God, not just the parts that are easy, and fun for us. He tells the

False Teachers
June 11, 2023

It s so easy for us, for our sin in our sin to surround ourselves with people who tell us exactly what we want to hear, especially when it has to do with affirming the sin that we're living in.This week, Joe Biddle teaches on how to be humble and weary o

The Humility of Salt and Light
May 28, 2023

This week, one of our elders, Henrik Soderstrom, shares with us the nature of being like Christ as Salt and Light in this world. He starts by magnifying the nature of Jesus and then moves on towards Jesus’s command to be salt and light and this world. We

All That Keeps Us From Being Humble
May 21, 2023

This week, Nicholas Kerton-Johnson outlines how Jesus demonstrated humility by giving up everything to come and lay down his life for us. He calls us to examine our hearts and ask ourselves what has been keeping us from submitting our pride to Christ. We

Religious Pride
May 14, 2023

Really, really what humility comes down to is our willingness to say Jesus, you really are worth everything.Continuing our humility series, Nicholas Kerton-Johnson goes after religious pride and fake humility. Real humility is the disappearance of self in