Lion's Leadership Den

Lion's Leadership Den

Episode 11 - Errol Allen on Business Systems and Procedures

December 05, 2018

Steve and Alex talk with Errol Allen about the importance of having systems and procedures in place in order to maximize the efficiency of how your business runs. When you flow chart how you step through specific tasks in the office, inefficiencies can be pinpointed and fixed.

Training your employees properly allows you to hold them accountable for their performance. This also reduces turnover because employees have a clear understanding of what is expected. Documenting procedures is the key to properly train staff so they perform their tasks correctly every time. Task manuals show them exactly how to do their job. This also ensures that all clients receive the same experience and level of service regardless of which employee they are working with.

Guest: Errol Allen of EA Consulting
Internationally known operations consultant, speaker, author and customer service expert Errol Allen provides practical advice and solutions garnered from over 25 years of hands – on experience. He possesses a multi-faceted perspective of organizations through the various positions held during his corporate tenure with companies such as ADT Security Systems, TCI Cablevision, The Houston Post, Excel Communications, e-talk and GEICO Insurance. From the phone to the field, Errol has serviced customers himself and understands that a “systems” orientation is crucial to providing excellent customer service.


Steve Rozenberg – Co Founder of Empire Industries LLC, investor, speaker.
Alex Osenenko – President and CEO of FourandHalf