Linux Game Cast Weekly HD

Linux Game Cast Weekly HD

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Linux Game Cast 492: Wesnoth, Which Is Weird
January 23, 2022

Wii emulator CEMU is headed to Linux! Valve makes Easy Anti-Cheat easier for Windows developers, Porting Jak and Daxter to PC, a new GOG competitor, and Steam Deck compatibility reviews begin.

Linux Game Cast 491: Floppy Things
January 16, 2022

Humble removes DRM-free Linux downloads from the Trove, Steam Deck shipping updates, running God of War on Linux, and €300 Radeon RX 6500XT's because reasons. 

Linux Game Cast 490: Year of the Linux Deck-Top
January 09, 2022

Canonical is hiring a Linux Desktop Gaming Product Manager! Enabling EAC on Linux takes more than a few clicks, Intel talks about ARC at CES, and reducing your shooty pew pew times with LatencyFleX. 

Linux Game Cast 489: Hamsandwich Dot Com
January 02, 2022

The top Steam games of 2021! OBS gets super Flatpak powers, Intel ARC release dates leaked, SuperTux enters early access, and will AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution be a big deal for Steam Decks?

Linux Game Cast 488: One Legged Duck
December 26, 2021

Steam gets banhammered in China! PotonDB has a festive holiday update, wine on Wayland year-end updates, and Linux has become a viable gaming platform.

Linux Game Cast 487: Silent Girth
December 19, 2021

Valve shrinks the Steam Deck, Amazon wants a Linux gamer, CS:GO gets a Vulkan button, and Open Razer makes 10 new devices blink.

Linux Game Cast 486: Surly Access
December 12, 2021

Valve reveals an exclusive case for the Steam Deck, 12GB Nvidia 2060 benchmarks, resurrecting LEGO® Universe with open-source, and a working DayZ launcher for Linux.

Linux Game Cast 485: Licker of Laptops
December 05, 2021

Fedora launches a live streaming initiative! BattlEye adds support for ARK & Mount & Blade II on Linux, NVIDIA announces the 2060 12GB, Steam is headed to Chromebooks, and Linus attempts to install a

Linux Game Cast 484: Yami Pedro
November 28, 2021

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II gets an open-source reimplementation! Ubuntu releases a guide for gaming on Linux, Wolfire Games loses their antitrust lawsuit against Valve, and slapping a coat of HD on N

Linux Game Cast 483: TriceraHoff
November 21, 2021

Star Citizen enables EAC for Linux gamers, Steam adds 4K capture with PipeWire, NVIDIA open-sources their Image Scaling SDK, GTA Modders take Take-Two to court, and Streamlabs does a dumb.