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Link to the Cast #311: Every Hour it Comes Out
August 14, 2023

00:30 A new host, some odd questions and Ireland'…

The Grap Up: July 2023
August 13, 2023

THE GRAP UP FOR JULY 2023!We talk:- SummerSlam

Link to the Cast #310: Acoustic Equaliser
August 08, 2023

00:30 Garrett coward, acoustic equalisers and Pan

Link to the Cast #309: Don't Be Dune Old Denis
August 01, 2023

00:30 New phones and dumb football songs11:55 Ga

Link to the Cast #308: That Thetan Thetanin'
July 24, 2023

00:30 Garrett Kidney the transatlantic terror, Ca

The Grap Up: June 2023
July 14, 2023

THE GRAP UP FOR MAY 2023!We talk: - AEW x NJPW

Link to the Cast #307: A Tight Five
July 10, 2023

00:30 Beaches, Comedy and Garrett's hand hurts09

Link to the Cast #306: Barrack Obama Plaza
July 04, 2023

NB: We recorded this podcast in a car so the audi

Link to the Cast #305: Fred Durst Tattoo
June 27, 2023

00:30 Tattoos, delayed intos and TV show themes1

Link to the Cast #304: Kurt Angle Laser Tag
June 20, 2023

00:30 Humidity, Garrett still hates The Rock and