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Common Blindspots in Retirement Plans
April 14, 2016

Are you aware of these common blindspots in retirement planning? Learn more with Jim Lineweaver of Lineweaver Financial Group!

Creative Ways to Inherit a Non-IRA Annuity
January 18, 2016

Tune in with Jim Lineweaver of Lineweaver Financial!

Internet Thieves
December 14, 2015

How can you protect yourself from internet thieves? Find out with Jim Lineweaver.

Common Retirement Planning Excuses
November 30, 2015

Planning for retirement early on is a key component in ensuring the rest of your life is the best of your life! Are you planning early? Or are you making excuses?

Mid-Life Missteps
November 18, 2015

Jim Lineweaver talks about some of the common mistakes people make in their 40s - their highest earning years - that can lead to some major hindrances in their retirement years. Are you making any of these mistakes? 

Investing Today for Growth Tomorrow
November 03, 2015

What can you do today to ensure growth tomorrow?

What should you do with your 401(k) once you retire?
October 19, 2015

What options do you have with retirement accounts once you retire?   Learn more at Lineweaver Financial Group.

Legacy Planning Tips That May Reduce Taxes, Fees, and Administrative Snarls
October 09, 2015

How will you leave your legacy? How can you make the process more efficient?

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Create a Trust
October 08, 2015

Do you know what it might be a good idea to create a trust?   Learn more at Lineweaver Financial Group.

The Most Frequent Mistakes Married Partners Make About Their Finances
October 07, 2015

Money management: An important part of being a couple.