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Episode 282 – Interview with Doug Landrum of Catalyst Missions
July 05, 2020

Blake Shankle and Jimmy Hicks sat down with Doug Landrum, Executive Director of Catalyst Missions to discuss Catalyst and their heart for training indigenous pastors and leaders across the Global South. Listen to hear what Catalyst is doing to end theo...

Episode 280 – Romans, Part 70 (Romans 10:5-6)
June 21, 2020

The end of an era! This week is the last episode for Mike Wells. Mike has moved on to bigger things, and we take the time to not only discuss where Mike has gone, but also the journey that led him there. It’s an eye opening experience.

BONUS EPISODE: Ray Comfort joins Lifesong Radio
May 21, 2020

World renown evangelist and author Ray Comfort from Living Waters Ministries joins Lifesong Radio to discuss his ministry, the art of evangelism and many other things in this candid hour long interview. There are also appearances by Tom Hammond,

Episode 275 – Romans, Part 65 (Romans 9:24-26)
May 17, 2020

In Episode 275 of Lifesong Radio we move along in our study through the book of Romans by coming to Romans 9:24-26. Tom Hammond, author of What Time Is Purple, joins Phil & Blake this week to discuss this main topic – Is the Church God’s plan B?

Episode 274 – Justin Peters talks Biblical Worship with Lifesong Radio
May 10, 2020

This week we take a break from our study in Romans and speak with a special guest. Justin Peters joins us to talk Biblical Worship. Tune into our conversation to hear us speak about, The dangers in allowing the music and influence of heretical worship ...