Life On The Edge

Life On The Edge

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10. Pay Now, Grieve Later
March 05, 2019

Have you ever thought what happens if you can’t pay for a funeral? Just how much does it cost and who do you go to for help? Teresa, Rick and Thomas share their struggles with funeral poverty and the charity Down To Earth offer help and advice on where...

9. Still Fit For Work
February 06, 2019

Sharon and Ruth have worked all their lives but when illness and disability strike they both turn to the benefit system for help. As the government prepares to move disabled claimants onto Universal Credit,

8. Going It Alone
July 01, 2018

One in four families are single parent households and one in three in London. In the final episode of this series, four Mums share their stories of life as a single parent and we ask what's it really like raising a child alone? -

7. A Hard Day’s Night
June 01, 2018

London is fast becoming a 24-hour city, in this episode we talk to some of its growing number of night workers. What's it like to work while most of us are asleep? Why do workers choose to be nocturnal? Is it a choice at all? -

6: Can We Take Pride in 2018?
May 01, 2018

What does is mean to be LGBT+ in the capital? Does Pride in London speak to you? We visit Galop and the Outside Project and share stories from members of London’s LGBT+ community, exploring attitudes to Pride in London and how a seaside excursion gave ...

5: A Class Above The Rest
April 02, 2018

Do the privileged have the monopoly on the top universities? Would you be prepared to work for free? We talk to students, teachers and actor George Costigan to bring you stories of people striving to level the playing field. -

4: A Fair Day’s Pay
March 01, 2018

From the smallest strike the UK’s ever seen to nationwide action, we head to the picket line to bring you 3 stories of London’s most inspiring Living Wage campaigns. How far would you go for a fair day’s pay? - Main presenter: Christine Bacon

3. The London Renting Game
February 01, 2018

Yousif’s struggled with homelessness, Caroline’s cooked with cockroaches and Rebecca’s called some unusual places home. Three stories of renting in the capital and some thoughts on what needs to change with Generation Rent. -

2. Refugee Journeys to London: 1976 and 2014
January 02, 2018

Tita and Margaret were both forced to flee their native countries (Chile and Uganda) almost forty years apart and ended up in London. We look at the refugee experience then and now. We also talk to activists at a ‘Shut Yarls Wood’ demonstration and ask...

1. Your Assessor Has Found You ‘Fit For Work’
November 24, 2017

Jayne, Bob and Mary’s working lives came to a halt due to illness and disability. They share their experiences of the benefit system and the uncertainty and anxiety they face. - Organisations mentioned in the podcast: