Ladies of Liberty Sound Off

Ladies of Liberty Sound Off

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Trillions of Reasons for Congress not to Enslave Americans
September 01, 2021

The Budget and Infrastructure bills are full of free money, which is not free at all and will harm American individuals, families, and businesses just as these policies did to Venezuelans. The entitle

Are Vaccine Mandates Good for the Whole of Society and Therefore Justified?
August 31, 2021

To vaccinate or not is the question, but to be forced to vaccinate or suffer consequences is an even bigger issue. Are vaccine mandates good for the whole of society and therefore justified, or are ou

A First Person View of Afghanistan
August 25, 2021

A place like no other, Americans brought some hope, some reprieve for women, and it has now been taken away and thousands are dying. Mallory Millet talks with Robin Hylton and Linda Martinelli about h

Suspending Skills Testing in Reading, Writing and Math
August 20, 2021

Oregon has enacted a law that suspends skills testing in reading, writing, and mathematics. What are these people thinking? Oregon schools are damaging the futures of their students and the ramificati

Farewell to New York Governor Cuomo
August 16, 2021

Andrew Cuomo has left the building after far too many scandals. Judy Moran, Jeanne Llewellyn, and Linda Martinelli have hopes that Lt Gov Kathy Hochul can right the sinking ship...

Americans are Experiencing Deep Fatigue with all things Covid
August 08, 2021

Facing new mask mandates and restrictions due to the Covid variants' highly infectious nature, Americans are experiencing deep fatigue with all things Covid. Is our government looking to control and s

Living Your Best Life While Working From Home
August 04, 2021

The Ladies of Liberty Sound Off on what makes their best effective lives. Can a balance be had? We think so. It’s a new frontier in the work-from-home world, and women are the winners. Women have new

We Need to Save our Families to Save America
August 01, 2021

Terry Schilling, the President of the American Principles Project, joins the Ladies of Liberty to discuss why his organization is focusing on the family and how we fight back against the encroaching s

Big Tech Censorship Collusion Catastrophe
July 27, 2021

This infringement of our First Amendment cannot be allowed to stand in America. Mallory Millett, Jeanne Llewellyn, and Linda Martinelli discuss this outrage and then go into so many more tangents that

Our American Flag Symbolizes Freedom and Hope, Not Hate
July 14, 2021

Utah Black Lives Matter posted that our American Flag is a symbol of hate. The Ladies of Liberty disagree. Are people moved by the argument Black Lives Matter puts forth? Critical Race Theory is the h