Life in HD

Life in HD

Own Your Happiness

March 26, 2019

As we explore happiness and what it means to be truly happy, we keep coming across a repetitive theme…that happiness isn’t something that happens to you. Happiness is something that happens because of you.

Behavioral scientists have spent a lot of time studying happiness and we know that happiness can predict health and longevity. So why wouldn’t we want more happy moments in our lives? I think most of us do, but we can often be our own worst enemy. We can sabotage our efforts and desires to live a happier life, often without even realizing it.

In this conversation with author and illustrator Sheri D Engler, we learn that emotional baggage can stand in the way of experiencing happier times.  Sheri is the author of The Pearls of Wisdom: A Fairy Tale Guide to Life's Magic Secrets for All Ages.  She shares a few tips on how to unload some of that emotional baggage.