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Life in HD

Don't Be a Miserable F*ck

March 05, 2019


John Kim, known as The Angry Therapist, was forced to face his shortcomings as a man and a human being. After a heart-wrenching divorce, he turned to blogging as a way to explore how to become a better person. He shares his journey and his discoveries in a new book titled “I Used to be a Miserable Fuck: An Every Man’s Guide to a Meaningful Life” He describes, that after some deep soul searching, that he was indeed a miserable man. He considers his journey as a rebirth.

I this episode, I discuss with John Kim things that you can do to kick start your own rebirth if you are interest in transforming yourself. In a sense, John Kim is redefining what it means to be a man. In his work, he finds that there are many fatherless young men out there without proper role models to emulate or provide a moral compass.

In “I Used to be a Miserable Fuck”, The Angry therapist draws on his own personal experiences as a therapist and a man to help readers, men and women, start some important internal dialogue and think about who you are…and who you want to be.  He says it requires work: reflection, pain, courage, and perhaps a rebirth.  And he offers this book as a guide.

For more information on the book and John Kim, visit his website  We’ll provide a link in our show notes.  The music in this episode is Pumpkin Spice by Audiobinger under creative commons license.  I Hope you'll find this discussion to be of some help on your journey to self-discovery and self-improvement.

Thanks for listening.