Life in HD

Life in HD

Future Self

February 19, 2019

Have you visualized your life in retirement?  Where you'll live, how you'll spend your days, how you intent to enjoy life?  Have you considered how much it will cost to maintain even a basic lifestyle?

A recent survey revealed that 42% of survey respondents have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, including 13.7% who have zero saved.  If you count yourself among them, you have considerable ground to gain if you want to live a comfortable life in retirement.

Continuing our series on change, we'll discuss what you need to do to position yourself for retirement success.  We chat with Vicki Brackens, President and Financial Planner at Brackens Financial Solutions Network and a registered representative of LPL Financial, member SIPC to identify some strategies to help you position yourself for success.  We also address common excuses for why people don't save.  It's an engaging conversation that you don't want to miss.  Take a listen.  Your future self will thank you.

Music in this episode is "Pixels" by Drake Stafford under creative commons license.