Life Beyond the Picket Fence Podcast

Life Beyond the Picket Fence Podcast

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Journeying through the Teen Years S2E3
July 04, 2021

Are you in the trenches of parenting irritable adolescents? Do you ever wonder "Who is this and where is my kid?" In this episode, Brenda speaks about the psychological and physiological changes happening during the adolescent years.

This Year is a Gift: Part 2 Interview with Christy Lynne Wood
December 13, 2020

"Brokenness is a gift. This year is a gift. I think God is waking us up. I think he's calling us. I think he is allowing us to recognize we cannot do it by ourselves. We need a Savior." - Christy Lynne Wood - Hello friends,

Finding Freedom in the Real God: Interview with Christy Lynne Wood part 1
December 01, 2020

"You can find the real God in the real Bible, when you read it for yourself. Not what someone else has told you about it or not what you think might be there. You can find the real God." - Christy Lynne Wood Hello friends!

Sustaining Faith Through Big Disappointment Interview Part 2
November 13, 2020

Learn how to sustain your faith through big disappointments from a great interview with Andrea Miller.

Overcoming Life’s Big Disappointments with Andrea Miller
November 01, 2020

In my interview with Andrew Miller, she shares practical tips for overcoming disappointments but also how to strengthen your faith when hope seems lost.

How to Draw Close to God S3E7
August 19, 2020

Ingrid and Brenda provide principles for how to draw close to God, both sharing from different faith perspectives.

Best Tips for Family Life S3E6
August 04, 2020

Ingrid and Brenda talk today about their top three tips for family life.Join them On the Front Porch for this important episode!

Why Women Need Other Women S3E5
July 21, 2020

Women are designed for relationships! Join Ingrid and Brenda as they talk about how to mentor other women in your season of life in this episode of On the Front Porch podcast series.

The Three Betty’s S3E4
July 07, 2020

Has there been a woman in your life who has invested in you or mentored you, coming alongside in a way that left a lasting impact? - Brenda and Ingrid continue their summer conversations On the Fron

Keys to Healthy Friendships S3E3
June 23, 2020

God created us for community and the smaller space of friendship. This week On The Front Porch, Brenda and Ingrid talk about friendship. Their own friendship began in their local community almost ten years ago! - In this episode,