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Electrician Helps 72-Year-Old In Crumbling House | Boy Mocked for Outfit at School, Mom Steps Up
December 13, 2021

John Kinney showed up to repair a light fixture for Gloria Scott. But one look at the dilapidated house revealed the 72-year-old was in desperate need of a whole lot more help. And what happened next

Couple Marries At Border So 96-Year-Old Grandma Can Attend | Nurses Give 97-Year-Old Wedding Dress
December 10, 2021

For a Canadian bride and an American groom, getting married at the border was the only way for their family to be at the event. But their love still shined bright, even over border lines! AND One 97

Alan Jackson Opens Up About His Diagnosis | Melissa Gilbert's Unlikely Way Her Love Story Began
December 08, 2021

For over a decade, country superstar Alan Jackson hid his health problems from the public. But now, he’s opening up about the challenges he faces every day as a result of a rare genetic disease called

Hair On Baby’s Toe Leads to Scary Hospital Trip | 13-Year-Old Saves 4 Sisters Then Dog Saves Him
December 06, 2021

Hair around a toe may not sound like a big deal. But, in fact, it can have dire consequences, especially for babies. And following her infant son’s surgery, Olivia Quinn is urging parents everywhere t

Missing 3-Year-Old Found Alive, Man Credits God | 7 Off-Duty Firefighters Save Man’s Life on Plane
December 03, 2021

Christopher Ramirez, a missing 3-year-old boy found alive in Texas, is home safe and sound thanks to divine intervention. And the boy’s rescuer, Tim Halfin, gives God all the glory for leading him to

Doctors Use Sandwich Bag to Save Tiny Baby | Father And Son Cry Together Holding Miracle Baby
December 01, 2021

When Gill Glegg gave birth to her premature baby 3 months early, the tiny girl was only about the size of a bag of sugar. Doctors feared little Darcey Glegg wouldn’t make it but this miracle baby foug

Bride Flies 800 Miles, Dances with 94-Year-Old Grandpa After Wedding |TobyMac Talks about Losing Son
November 29, 2021

One bride traveled over 800 miles to share a first dance with her grandpa in her wedding dress. And the heartwarming moment was captured on video! AND Christian singer TobyMac took a moment during a

Miracle Baby Born After Spina Bifida on Ultrasound | 11-Year-Old Hit While Walking to School Bus
November 26, 2021

When doctors saw spina bifida in the ultrasound, they gave up on Christal and Bernard Dreyer’s baby. They even suggested terminating the pregnancy. But the couple refused and trusted God, instead. And

Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Cried Out To Jesus | Dad Forgives Driver of Crash that Killed Daughter
November 24, 2021

Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Tayla was on a path of destruction until she cried out to Jesus. And now, she’s sharing her powerful testimony to help others. AND In this truly inspirational short stor

Man Makes Discovery inside New Clothes Dryer | Simon Cowell Gives Update on Nightbirde at AGT Finale
November 22, 2021

When new dad Chris Blaze goes to buy a washer and dryer used that he found on the internet, he discovers something unexpected inside the dryer after he gets home. And this positive news story is sure