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Comfort Zone – A guide to Personal Development
May 24, 2019

The comfort zone sounds so obvious, but personal development is much more involved. If you want to grow, succeed or do anything new, you need to go outside it. The comfort zone is in a situation where a person is familiar, at ease and in control. Outs

Career Change – Plan it or Take the Default
May 15, 2019

Why you should be looking at your future career as an ongoing process. You will have change, probably many times, a career is either planned or decided by others for you. Career Change and paths to new jobs or professions are confusing and don't alwa

Goal Setting for Personal Growth and Development
May 15, 2019

Goal setting for your personal growth is one of the most rewarding tasks people can do. Do you know what you want to be in five years? Do you know where you want to be in 3 - 5 years? Your goals should be distant at the start of your journey. You wan

106 – Everybody makes mistakes Learn from mistakes
September 13, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Life Unsettled New Path, Better Future. You've all heard things like, "Everybody makes mistakes. Learning from mistakes. Don't worry about your mistakes. It's just part of the process of growing and learning.

105 – Sales Process Changing at Hyper Speed
August 26, 2017

Today I'm talking about sales, sales process and the sales environment and the business environment. Do we all think of it in certain ways as we've always experienced walking into stores, online even, walking into a car dealership?

104 – Future Marketing – Customer Sourced
August 17, 2017

The future marketing like everything else today is impacted by technology. Most people today have no idea how much information on them is changing marketing to them. In the future marketing, companies will use AI.

103 – Marketing Today; Social Media and Customer Focus
August 10, 2017

Today is the episode on marketing today. Marketing, I'm gonna break it all down into two parts. Originally I thought this was going be one piece, but it turns out that it's just too big. And one of the things, and reason that I want to separate it is,

102 – Target Marketing & Build Customer Loyalty
August 02, 2017

The second episode of eight in comprehensive business strategy, target marketing, in the overview of building or expanding a strong business. - This episode addresses the following topics and questions. -

101 – Product Line Strategy, Service Strategy
July 25, 2017

So now is the first step in looking at business strategy, your product line strategy. What is your product line strategy or business line strategy? How are you going to expand your product line over time? Now this doesn't matter whether you're just sta...

100 – Business Strategy Comprehensive View
July 18, 2017

Business strategy is often overlooked in small businesses. Too often a small business while a way to pick up some extra money or to gain financial freedom, neglects a comprehensive business strategy. There are over 40 million people in the United States