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May 10, 2017

March 18, 2016

Life of Simon Bolivar - Episode 13 - The Battle of Valencia and Monti's Marines
February 29, 2016

Sherlock rambles on about 18th and 19th century battle-lines and the Battle of Valencia while Nathan provides a solid chat on the establishment of the first government of the Patria Boba and the landing of Monteverde's Marines.

Life of Simon Bolivar - Episode 12 - Independence!
February 11, 2016

The Patria Boba is born on July 5th, 1811 as Bolivar and Miranda's relationship starts to fray and the Venezuelan Junta begins its series of blunders. However, independence comes for the first time to Spanish America!

Episode 11 - Freemasons and Brothels
January 27, 2016

We discuss Bolivar's trip to London, his dealings in the great city, his return to Venezuela, the beginning of the First Republic and Bolivar's dealings with such.

Episode 10 - Napoleon's Wrench
January 20, 2016

We discuss the fall of Spain, the spark for the independence movements in both Spanish America and Spain, the Buenos Aires rebellions, why the UK/GB is annoying, and what Bolivar is doing as all of this is happening.

Episode 9 - Does the Bear Wear a Funny Hat?
January 16, 2016

We discuss Bolivar's meeting with the Pope in 1806, Miranda's failed expedition, his return to Paris, his trip to the US of A, and his soon to be return to Venezuela!

Episode 8 - Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk
January 06, 2016

Nathan and Sherlock discuss Bolivar's stay in Paris, his reaction to Napoleon, his walk to Italy and his first meetings and interactions there.

Episode 7 - Bolivar Gets a Fanny Pack
December 25, 2015

This week we discuss the marriage and sudden death of Maria del Toro, Bolivar's motto, his grieving, return to Europe and his beginnings in Paris. Link DumpFanny PackBolivar's Mustache #1Bolivar's Mustache #2Bolivar's Mustache #3

Episode 6 - The Rain in Spain
December 15, 2015

Bolivar sets sail for Spain, does a pit-stop in Mexico, almost dies from starvation, almost dies from a run in with a prince, gets edjumacated, meets the Queen and sees the motherland for what it truly is: a farce. Link DumpI found a copy of Simon Boliva