Liam Photography Podcast

Liam Photography Podcast

Episode 170: News and Rumors for the Week of July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

In this episode I cover the latest news and rumors from:

Patent: A compact shutter assembly for a small form factor RF mount ILC

Patent: Telephoto lens add-on for a Smartphone

The Canon EOS R3 at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Canon instant rebates coming to EOS R cameras and lenses in September

He ain’t lying – THE BEST PRIME LENS. Period. by Peter McKinnon

There is still discussion internally at Canon about an APS-C EOS R camera

Canon boosts forecasts, printer and camera demand strong

Gordon Laing reviews the two “new” Big White Lenses for the RF mount


Interesting: Nikon to release a new camera with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

Nikon Z7II IBIS performance compared to other cameras

Capture One 14.3, DxO PureRAW 1.2 released, Skylum Luminar AI update 4 coming next week

Just announced: Pergear 60mm f/2.8 ultra-macro 2X magnification APS-C mirrorless lens for Nikon Z-mount

Review: Voking VK360N flash for Nikon cameras

Nikon Z fc camera and Nikkor Z 28mm f/2.8 lens delayed because of “large number of reservations beyond expectations”


RUMOR: Fujinon GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 with Collapsible Lens Design

Tamron Managers Interview: “Fujifilm’s Market is Sufficiently Large.